Women's Sex Toys 

Women's Sex Toys


Sex toys for women include great items like: vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, and so many more great adult sex toys to add pleasure to any intimate time. While women's sex toys are the most popular, and have been for over a hundred years, there are so many different types of sex toys for women in this category!

Women's Sex Toys 


  • Anal Vibrators + Toys


    These vibrators are designed specifically for the anal area with most having a slim shaft and look very similar to a regular vibrator. Anal vibrators can be used to lead up to anal intercourse or can just be a fun experiment or method to realize more intense anal orgasms for women.

  • Clit Vibrators + Toys

    Coming in a wide selection of colors, sizes as well as vibration intensity, clitoral vibrators may be dual-action, discreet vibrators, bullet vibrators or among many more. Clit vibrators can be used on a softer vibration to get yourself hot and wet so that you are prepared for sexual intercourse while they can also be used on a higher strength vibration to achieve a toe-curling orgasm. Clit vibrators can be used for solo play or for use with your partner.

  • Dildos


    Resembling the male penis and versatile for both vaginal and anal use and coming in a number of different sizes and materials, realistic vibrators and dildos give you the full sense of a penis inside your vagina but delivers intense vibrations that a penis cannot give you. While some realistic vibrators on the market do not always look like a real penis as some are very colorful, we can assure you that they feel just like a penis.

  • Eggs - Bullets

    Proving to be one the most versatile sex toys providing stimulation for both men and women alike, eggs and bullet vibrators are small and discreet but provide intense sensations. Bullets are generally about 3 inches long or shorter and are the perfect addition to your purse for traveling. Most have a small on/off button at the vibrator base while some of the newer versions of bullets vibrators actually come with a wired remote control.

  • Glass toys

    Considered as one of the safest and easiest to clean sex toys, glass sex toys are very popular and should be added to your arsenal of pleasure giving sex toys! We offer a variety of glass vibrators, ben wa balls, anal plugs, and dildos all made of glass, to help heat up your passion, with our without your partner!

  • G-Spot Vibrators

    Designed to perfectly tease and entice a woman’s g-spot and made from a multitude of different materials such as glass, plastic, silicone and more, g-spot vibrators generally have a curved shaft that helps to acquire the best, toe-curling orgasm. While any vibrator can be used to tantalize your g-spot, the positioning has to be accurate, which can be tricky. G-spot vibrators are designed to reach your g-spot and massage it completely.

  • Hard Vibes

    Known as a basic, hard vibes are slippery smooth, slim and straight for easy insertion regardless of how experienced you are. Hard vibes are typically made from a hard, plastic material and some have heads perfect fort awakening your g-spot senses. Some hard vibrators are contoured near the head to add a little versatility. Majority of the hard vibes are completely waterproof so they are perfect for water time pleasures while also being super easy to clean.

  • Kegel Balls

    Kegel balls, also known as ben wa balls, was historically used for both sexually and in health related in Japanese society. Today these balls are most often use for vaginal strenghtening and to increase sexual awareness; the weighted balls help tone the muscles in the pelvic floor responsible for sexual pleasure, while keeping the vaginal walls elastic and responsive to stimulation and pleasure.

  • Nipples & Pumps

    Experience a whole new level of heightened sensitivity and intense arousal to one of the most pleasurable spots in a woman’s body, the nipples. Browse through our wide range of nipple pumps and nipple clamps to find the one best suited for you, and experience pleasure through getting your nipples sucked or pinched deliciously!

  • Rabbit Vibrators

    Premiering on Sex and the City, the rabbit vibrator is by far one of the most incredible, stimulating and powerful sex toys for women. Not only do rabbit vibrators come with a thick shaft that rotates, but also the ears from the rabbit vibrate. These rabbits are able to give intense clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously.

  • Soft & Jelly Vibes


    Soft and jelly vibes are different from hard vibes as the material used for those vibrators is generally silicone instead of hard plastic. Also their shape is more like a penis, with head, veins, more details in the design. Most soft vibrators offer different speeds of vibration from gentle to intense. We recommend using lubricant with those kind of vibrator for easier penetration.

  • Strap-ons


    Imagine the possibilities with our high quality strap-ons... regular, vibrating or even dual strap-on.

  • Vibrator Kits

    Discover your ultimate pleasure with one of our most versatile offerings, the vibrator kit! These kits come with numerous extras and attachments in sexy combinations guaranteed to bring you to new heights! Kits come with balls to strengthen your kegel muscles or massagers for G-spot stimulation - perfect for solo or for couple play!

  • Wand massager vibes

    Relax your way into pleasure with our delightful array of wand massagers, wand vibrators, and wand attachements targeted to bringing you to an intense and earth-shattering climax! It’s the ultimate sex toy for solo play or for having fun with your partner - the perfect way to add intense fun and scintillating excitement to your foreplay.